How are you doing? Cool?.....okay? I guess? . The first blouse made by me was yellow in colour, not so fitting to my body,sleeveless, round neck, just a little below my navel and the fabric was cool on my skin.
I loved this blouse so much, wore it with pride and just couldn't wait to announce to anyone who cared to listen that it was made by me. See ehen.... there's this joy unspeakable when you wear any cloth made by you and this is because you have long desired to do so. I'd be teaching you how to make yours...... lets get to work!

A yard of material
Office pins


How's everyone doing? Hope well? To get positive results you have to take accurately planned out steps. So to come up with a beautiful outfit it all starts from getting your body measurements right and expressing to the best of your abilities while cutting and sewing. I had said in the last post that the bilateral symmetry of the back and front side of the body is what enables sewing to be well understood. This is because each side has been divided into sections so for both the front and back side we have a total of four sections and each section has same length all rounder. Measurements are taken at specific points, from point to point on the body in other the highlight the beauty of that side of the body on the outfit to be sewn. Emmmm......Hold on Ada-uju !So how do we go about measuring.....when we don't know where and where to measure?*Wide Grin*. Not to worry sweetie I'd show you how!



 Hello ladies! Am so sorry for the long, long, silence. My baadd… In my last post I said we will be doing the basics of sewing next. Now here’s the gist; basics of sewing is quite large so i have  broken it down into series.  Sewing is fun!… but  when it’s not going the way you have planned it out to be its daunting. For me at this stage of my various sewing escapades, what has kept me still on the ride are the basic skills I acquired from my aunt ( she went to a standard school of fashion). In school as freshmen, we are taught the introductory part of a course and as we proceed to third or final year we encounter  the advanced aspect of that course. Now if you understood the introductory part of that course you would likely not have so much problems when the advanced course comes like a thief at night to serve u hot pepper soup hahahaha…! For you to sew you have to understand the dynamics of the female body. I mean the typical structure, the shape , all her curves and edges.So getting a dress right starts from where and how you take your measurement. You just don’t pick up the measurement tape and measure anyhow no! no! no…..!
   First everywhere is necessary to measure ya..! you heard me right! Everywhere! So when cutting you would use the appropriate measurement and everybody has a  format they follow but whatever format you have must include the necessary places like the shoulder length, bust ( breast), half blouse ( some take this at naval point of our stomach), waist. The bilateral symmetry of the body is what has made the act of sewing easy and this is so because you deal with one portion of the body at a time in four ways.

Let's start from the back view of our body. The groove caused by the vertebrae column on our back divides it into two equal halves.
Pardon my funny sketch didn't